Standard or High Capacity Filters

Simply stated, the high capacity filters will capture more particles than the standard capacity filters. The one to choose depends on your surroundings, lifestyle and needs. If you have minimal dust, no pets, and few people in and out of your home, standard capacity might be the one to choose. If you have a more active family and need your filter to clean more items out of the air, then the high capacity is probably the better choice. (Some people compare this to an ink cartridge in a computer printer. The higher capacity cartridges contain more ink and will print more pieces of paper. If you print a lot, you’d want to choose the high capacity, if you don’t print often standard works just fine. The same is true for filters.)
Our goal is to help keep your air clean and furnace filters in tip top condition. When you sign up we will deliver your furnace air filters right to your door step on a reoccurring basis of your choice.