Why Change a Filter?

It is important to change air filters for many reasons.

  1. A good quality filter is what keeps the air in your home or office clean by removing bacteria and harmful particles in the air you breathe. A clean filter will help keep you and your family healthy. A quality filter will remove dust, allergens, and even bacteria related to cold and flu viruses, as well as nasty fumes you do not want lurking in your home.

  2. A good, clean filter allows the HVAC system to run efficiently which will save you money! It also keeps your HVAC system in good working order and in need of fewer repairs. A clogged filter causes the system to have to work harder, and that causes it to use more energy, raising your energy bills. If your system has no filter at all, theĀ inter-workings of the HVAC system can get clogged and can cause some big problems.

  3. A clean filter will catch more particles and help keep the dust down in your home, creating less cleaning for you!
Our goal is to help keep your air clean and furnace filters in tip top condition. When you sign up we will deliver your furnace air filters right to your door step on a reoccurring basis of your choice.