Tri-Dek 15/40 3-Ply Panel Filter

Tri-Dek 15/40 3-Ply Panel Filter

$8.31 - Each

Tri-Dek Offers a unique depth loading media that allows the filter to manage the dirt. Most filters are constructed of media that surface loads reducing their service life and causing high resistance to airflow across the filter after a short period of time. This high resistance can cause dramatic increases in the related energy cost.

Tri-Dek media experiences a less dramatic increase in the resistance since it depth loads. TRI-DEK media is composed of different deniers of media allowing for larger particles to be captured on the first layer and smaller particles are filtered as the air passes through the filter media. Depth loading reduces energy cost and allows for a longer service life. The longer service life saves money in a variety of ways ... on the number of filters you need to buy per year, labor cost, disposal cost, etc.

Can be used as a pre-filter or as a filter in spray booths. 


Eliminates Bypass

Keeps Coils Clean

Saves Energy

Mold/Moisture Resistant

Reduced Filter Failure

Longer Service Life

Depth Loading Media

Reduced Shipping/Storage

Reduced Labor

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